Quiet is Loud

14 10 2006

As I sit to write my first blog ever, I am realizing that quiet is loud. 

I have anticipated this day for a long time.  I really love the challenge of writing – to express yourself using language to convey the deepest thoughts and emotions.  I heard a speaker say that he set his blog up so he would be forced to write down thoughts each day.  Therein, lies the challenge.  In  day where sitting idle is a premium, I finally found a time to sit without the interruption of people, schedules and noise.

What I found is that the quiet of the day is just as loud and can take some getting used to.  This is what I have longed for – time to sit and reflect.   And to take time talking with God.  So many things clutter up my day – He has never been one of them.  He is truly amazing.