My Journey – God’s Grace allows me to be me

23 04 2009

I Corinthians 15:10 “But because of God’s grace I am what I am. And his grace was not wasted on me. No, I have worked harder than all the other apostles. But I didn’t do the work. God’s grace was with me.”

Blog entry #3 on the same scripture. First line – “Because of God’s grace…” Grace is such an amazing journey by itself. It truly is a diamond that every time you turn it a fraction, a different aspect is illuminated for all to see. A couple of “definitions” – “God’s unmerited favor,” “the ability to turn the other cheek,” “looking past the now,” “mercy” and “forgiveness.” I have to imagine that all of us have experienced grace at some point in our life. In doing so, it is usually undeserved and humbling.

I remember as a child getting busted for shoplifting by my mother in the second grade. She told me that I would be punished by my dad when he got home. I was waiting in the other room when he came in the door. He came in, shut the door and sat down. I had my head down looking at the floor, when he asked, “Do you understand what you did was wrong?” Waiting for the paddle to appear, still looking at the ground, I heard crying. I looked up to find my dad with tears. He said, “Your mother and I didn’t raise you this way. Don’t do it again.” I have a pretty vivid memory of that day. It is one of those days where you deserve the punishment and it should be severe. Yet, my dad owned it and extended grace to me.

“Because of God’s grace, I am what I am.” Like my dad in that situation, how many times has God extended grace when I deserve the punishment? Just as that memory is etched into my life, God brands us with experiences that mark us for life. I would hope all of us embrace those experiences with gratitude, humility and growth. He never asks us to be something different than how he made us in our mother’s womb. He never says, “I wired you with all this gifting, talent and personality so you can be someone else.” Instead, He says, “I made you and knew you.” He doesn’t ask us to be something we are not.

Ultimately, He asks me to be exactly what I am – a flawed diamond, but nonetheless, His diamond.




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