Solo – Like the back of my Hand

12 05 2009

Isaiah 49:16 “Look, I ‘ve written your names on the back of my hands.”

Recently, I was watching a show where a paramedic was called in to take care of a contestant. Out of all the things the paramedic did, the one thing that stood out to me was something very small – and it intrigued me. On his left rubber glove, he had written some numbers and scribble. Now I was hooked. I was trying to read it and figure out if it was blood pressure, pulse, etc. I realized that when the segment was over, I hadn’t listened to a word he said – I was glued on his hands.

Why did he write that stuff on his hands? For sure, it was so he had the information right at his fingertips. (Ok, bad pun.) But in reality, yes, he wanted that information in the easiest place to access it. It was so important that it put in a place that at a moments notice he could get to it.

Our scripture today tells us that we are in the same place with God. He wants us so close that he is willing to inscribe our names on the back of His hands. It is also interesting to note that He has already put us there. Which leads me to a question – why do we feel distant from God. Who moved? We move, not Him. We need to realize how important we are to Him. We are like those statistics for the paramedics only this time, we are not just numbers. We are lives that the Lord wants to have complete access to in a moments notice.

Why? So He can say, “I know you like the back of my hand…”




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