Solo – New Name

26 05 2009

Isaiah 62:2-5

“…You’ll get a new name straight from the mouth of God…”

Great passage of scripture out of Isaiah. It talks about how God delights in you and is happy with you. One of the exercises the devotion tells you to do, is to answer this question, “If you were to ask God for a new name, what would it be?” Wow! What a phenomenal question!

If you had the opportunity to give yourself a name, what would you do with that? Would you focus on the what you feel on the inside about yourself? Would you look at making a statement of who you are or want to be? Would you be about other people or centered on your own identity? Would you seek input from others to see how they see you?

This is a lot deeper than a name – this is a journey into seeing yourself as God sees you. We will never meet the total love for ourselves that God has for us. Either we will over inflate our view and elevate ourselves to a place of self importance. Or we will under appreciate who God created us to be and walk in a self imposed limitation. So, if God was standing in front of you and asked “What do you want me to call you, what would you say?”

I don’t even have an answer for myself. I am taking it to my prayer time…not for an answer. Instead, I want to journey on this thought for a while. There is so much for depth to me beyond a name and I guess, God is taking me there. But to be known as … well, that is pretty cool too.




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