Solo – Write a letter to God

2 06 2009

In my devotion time this morning, I read the passage of Jeremiah 20:7-10. It talked about how Jeremiah was God’s mouth piece and how he was ridiculed for obeying God’s will. In the application portion of the devotion, the action said to “write a letter to God.” The letter should be completely honest and raw about the good, bad and ugly in how God is a part of our life.

Never really thought about writing a letter to God. He wrote a series of letters and stories for us and that is how we got the Bible. But, that is our instruction manual, love letter, story book, center of truth and the list continues. What would a letter of us pouring our heart, thoughts, dreams, frustrations and feelings toward God look like? Would it be simple or deep?

Here is a thought. Write that letter today. Better yet, write it tomorrow and the next day, too! In fact, we do write a letter to God when we have a relationship that is vibrant and ongoing. Notice I did not say “happy, sad, positive and negative.” Our relationship should not be on one side of the spectrum because it has to be genuine and real. When we can be real with God everyday, then we can truly write a letter to God each day of our life that reflects a true sense of who God is to us. And, all around us get to enjoy a good, God book!




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9 04 2016

and i have to confess, i have no idea what “propriety” is supposed to mean. Click

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